Rifle Club in Ranchi

Chatra Rifles Shooting Club, a top rifle club in Ranchi, focused on improving shooting sports. We develop individuals into great champions and inspire them to represent their country on the biggest stages

About Chatra Rifles Shooting Club

Chatra Rifles Shooting Club was formed in 2019, and the Jharkhand State Rifle Association was established in 2019. The goal is to promote shooting sports among Jharkhand Citizens and instruct them in safe use. We aim to provide proper training to instill a feeling of discipline when handling firearms, as well as the values of sportsmanship, fearlessness, and patriotism in the spirit of public service.

Shooting Discipline:

The category given below explains the various types of shooting categories in Rifle practiced in Chatra Rifles Shooting Club.

Our Facilities:-


Our sports club in Ranchi is dedicated to the art of shooting. Located in the heart of Ranchi, this club is a space for individuals who want to improve their shooting talents. The club provides excellent facilities for both beginners and experienced shooters. Everything is designed to help people improve their aim and technique, from well-maintained shooting ranges to professional coaches. Whether you’re interested in rifle or pistol shooting, there are programs and equipment to meet your interests. What distinguishes this club is its supporting community. Members share ideas, methods, and encouragement, creating a sense of community among shooters of all skill levels. It’s more than simply competition; it’s about learning, growing, and enjoying the sport together.


Experience the calming benefits of yoga at our Ranchi sports club. Our yoga training services provide a peaceful space where you can improve your body and mind. Led by skilled instructors, our classes cater to all levels, focusing on flexibility, strength, and well-being. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, our sessions are designed for everyone. Join us for convenient morning and evening classes, each lasting two hours, to prioritize your health and wellness


Come and join the Chatra Rifle Shooting Club, A Sports Club in Ranchi where you get a relaxing meditation session in the mornings and evenings. Your safety is important to us, and we provide first aid if needed. With 2 hours of practicing meditation to find inner peace and calmness. Experience peace and feel at ease with us.



Meet Nitish Kumar, A visionary coach who has guided Chatra Rifle Shooting Club to extraordinary success. His mentoring has pushed the team to achieve various milestones, including:
District Championship: 40+ medalists
State Championship: 25+ medalists

Why Choose us

There are various reasons a player from Ranchi can enroll in our club. Some of them are given below:
Peaceful and Calm Environment: Enjoy a peaceful and calm environment for yoga, meditation, and precision shooting practice.
Experienced Instructors: Our expert trainers provide personalized guidance and help you develop your skills.
Safety is a Priority: We provide first aid and prioritize your well-being.
Various Courses: Choose from a variety of courses, including yoga, meditation, competitive shooting, and more
Flexible timing: Morning and evening sessions to fit your schedule.
Complete Equipment: We provide all of the equipment you need for your training, including all types of Rifles.